My Familys Genealogy (Help greatly appreceated)

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My Familys Genealogy (Help greatly appreceated)

Messagepar MichaelMorin » ven. 20 avr. 2018 07:37


I am trying to trace my Austin Genealogy first. I do have some information, but there are still a lot of "holes" that I'm trying to fill. Listed below is the information that I have so far. I think that my 2nd Great Grandfather, his fathers name is Lloyd Austin, born in Pennsylvania in 1824, and migrated to Nebraska in 1881, to Wallace, Lincoln County. He may have married a Matilda Keller in 1844. She is from Pennsylvania and born in 1826.If there is anyone that can either help me confirm the information above and add to it, in hope of being able to trace it back farther then that, or if there is any information that can help correct any possible errors, either/or will be greatly appreceated.

Please help

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Re: My Familys Genealogy (Help greatly appreceated)

Messagepar didier1955 » ven. 20 avr. 2018 11:37

Hi Michael,

Did see your two e mails about your ancestors in the United States and also seen your account on Geneanet.
As I previously told you, Geneachtimi deals only with North of France ancestors and Belgium.
In fact, you d better go on family search which is the mormon website to have a chance to get answers to your questions.!

kind regards
Didier Menou

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