American genealogy research trip to Istebna

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American genealogy research trip to Istebna

Messagepar MichaelMorin » ven. 20 avr. 2018 07:40

Hi Everyone,

I recently completed a trip to Poland and wanted to report on our success. I traveled with my mother and sister, with the intention of finding and visiting family in the Istebna area on the southern border of Poland, very close to the point where Poland, Czech, and Slovakia meet. The last communication my family had with relatives in that area was in the 1960s, and the communicators on both sides were now deceased. Thanks to these letters we did have one address that we knew had been owned by family at that time.In addition to having an old address, one good thing for us was that all of my mother's grandparents were from the same small area, which makes it easier to concentrate our efforts. Their last names were Kawulok, Jalowiczor, Legierski, and Wolny. When searching online these names seem to be strongly associated with the Istebna area, which also made our task easier.

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Re: American genealogy research trip to Istebna

Messagepar cecile » ven. 20 avr. 2018 09:33

Généachtimi is a genealogy website of the Haut-de-France of France.
I think it would be desirable for you to register on a Polish website.

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Généachtimi est un site web de généalogie des haut-de-france de France.
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